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Dear diary, let me tell you a bit about myself...

Dear diary, these are the games I played today. I tend to play somewhat randomly picked game from my steam library for about half n hour! Actually, it may have been more, sometimes I just lose track of time.

I'm an 80's kid. Grew up with first generation Nintendo and Sega. Currently a Dutch software developer by trade. This site is purely my hobby, a way to force myself to play the games that keep stacking up. Trust me kids; the grown ups don't have more time for this than you do :)

For the next three months I'm going to try to post at least one such gameplay video every day. Videos may have been recorded earlier though, I'll aim for a buffer because I certainly won't have time to record every day due to my job. We'll see how it goes.

The ratings are split in subjective and objective. Subjective reflects how I feel about the game. Do I like the art, the genre, the feel of the game. I'll also try to look at the game objectively, without my own preferences. Does it look polished, is it an actual game, etc.

I like:

I dislike:


Most games here are by indie developers, bought in a game bundle. Not liking a game does not mean I won't cover it. But my opinion will probably be reflected by the review. Still, some games covered may contradict something outlined above :)

You can contact me through youtube or more directly through details listed on