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Dear diary, the game I is called "Strata".



This is a puzzle game where you draw colored lines over each other. The puzzle aspect is in that certain parts must cross at certain places, and in those places a certain color must be on top.

While the game is fairly simple in concept, you do have to think about the order of drawing these lines. However the puzzles are not impossible and after a while you see the patterns more easily.

The game seems to ramp up only in complexity; as in bigger puzzles with more colors. Perhaps there are new elements to unlock though, I'm not sure. The puzzles are fine though.

I seem to go through them rather quickly, but there are a lot of them so that's okay.

Verdict: The game looks minimalistic but the details are nice. The puzzles are challenging enough but not too much so you can get through them quickly. And there seem to be a lot of puzzles so you won't finish the game that quickly either.

Familiarity: Not played before.

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