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Dear diary, the game I is called "Crunch Time!".


Crunch Time!

You're an office manager, I guess, and have to finish a bunch of programming projects ASAP. Play your cards right and you may just beat the competition to market.

This is a decent card game on its own but seriously lacks content and general UI like menus. You could also say it's really really short.

It's a card game where you have cards with people who finish certain projects types in a certain amount of time (turns). There are also action cards which affect yourself or the opponent.

The game puts you right into the game. AI can't be configured. A very small deck. Very simple "introduction" screen, etc. That's quite unfortunate because other than that it looks pretty good.

Verdict: The card game itself is not so bad but the lack of content and half-finished app around the game is pretty bad. I'm sure you can enjoy a few plays though but after that it's pretty much game over.

Familiarity: I am a programmer, but never played this game before. I think once is enough.