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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth".


The Binding Of
Isaac: Afterbirth

You're Isaac, a young boy that's very sad and are having a rough life. For some reason you cry so hard your tears are bullets. Time to face mom...

This is a DLC for the Rebirth game, adding a lot more content to the game as well as a whole new mode. If you haven't heard of the frenchise you should watch my other two plays. This is more about the new stuff.

Even though it's a DLC, it's more like heralded as the next version of Isaac. With Greed mode, it may as well be it, although it obviously stays in the same meta.

In this video I play through the main game once and then start playing some Greed mode, as that's obviously something completely new to be explored.

Verdict: I've been waiting about 11 months for this update so I was bound to love it regardless. The main game it out for a year. It took me a month to play through that. What else can I say to persuade you.

Familiarity: About 400 hours of Isaac, but zero for Afterbirth

If you can find the first appearance of Bob you'll win a free Steam key for
BoI:Afterbirth! (details)