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Dear diary, the game I is called "Reassembly".



The goal is to build a ship, gather a fleet, and destroy the enemy. There's no real story line, not even a campaign, which I think is its biggest flaw.

You can build and configure your own ship. There's a system of money, cargo limits, and ship limits. Combined you can build and extend your ship. You can also pay other ships to join your fleet or unlock new parts to extend your ship. Feels like the variety of unlocks are a bit limited, but whatever.

Movement is a bit... well it depends. I find it a bit too skitchy. And you get trapped in corners where it becomes hard to turn around. That can be annoying.

Oh but of course the main gimmick of the game is that your ship regenerates itself quite quickly, automatically, and for free. Of course parts of your ship that are not yet regenerated cannot be used, like thrusters or weapons. And yes you can die, but you'll just respawn at a near station with a minimal cost.

Verdict: It could be a great game but it's more like a good sandbox game. Controls can be frustrating at times but gathering a fleet and destroying random enemies still is a lot of fun. It most glaring flaw is the absence of the campaign mode.

Familiarity: Played for 1.5h before recording.

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