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Dear diary, the game I is called "Syder Arcade".


Syder Arcade

You're a space pilot taking part in the Sol wars. You're under the command of captain Reyes and lieutenant Melville. You're to assist them in various missions to help win the war.

This is a good shmup and I have little to say against it. It's got a story line, good content, weapon upgrades, and looks good. The handling is a bit slow but that's mainly because the ship is slow. It gets faster so this improves as you play.

I suppose I dislike arbitrarily dynamic spawning enemies. There's a whole level and yet the enemies find you where you are, instead of where they ought to spawn in the world. But killing them is not so bad. And I seem to do okay in the bullet hell whereas I'm usually bad at them.

The game could do better at informing you of the upgrades. I'm still not entirely sure how they work when you take damage or die. At some point I had a dragon familiar. That was weird but I lost him when I died.

Verdict: I like this game. Plain and simple. Good content, upgrades, visuals, and sounds. There's always room for improvements but as far as shumps go, this is a good one.

Familiarity: Never played it before.