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Dear diary, the game I is called "Drive to Hell".


Drive to Hell

You're standing in front of your favorite bar when suddenly it is destroyed by aliens! Your only resolve is to get into a semi-flying car and start shooting said aliens.

Driving in a car that seems to fly, sometimes, you're basically shooting alien mobs. The art is pretty but doesn't seem to work well with the background. The levels only offer a handful of the same enemies. Yes you'll see new enemies later but still, some more content in the same level would be nice.

There are weapon upgrades which only last a certain period. There are also health upgrades, which come in a special mob to shoot. There are cars to unlock by collecting money drops.

The game does seem to have a level up system by hitting mobs while not getting hit. My rate of fire went up as the multiplier went up. Of course it's very difficult (at least for me ;) to not get hit and in that case leveling up your weapon this way is near impossible, making the game much harder.

Verdict: I was drawn in by the graphics, but they don't work well together. The game could do with some rebalancing as well, as it's a pretty difficult game right now. On top of that the content seems to get a bit stale quickly. All in all it's a full game, but it's not pulling me in at all. Also, what's up with that intro.

Familiarity: Never seen that bar. Guess I'll never see it again.