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Dear diary, the game I is called "Astro Emporia".


Astro Emporia

You're a trader that flies from one planet to the other. Your goal is to be rich, but first you must pay your debts to the bank. Get trading!

This is a very basic trading sim. There's a bunch of planets you can visit. The overview gives you a clue on what type of planet they are and what they want to buy. Or at least that's what the help tells you because I could not see that correlation myself.

The gameplay is real simple and the game seems to be half-finished, waiting desperately for more aspects to be added. If I didn't know any better it was still an early access game. But I guess that's why the dev spelled "Casual" in caps... Nice try.

Verdict: Technically, well it works. But honestly it looks like a half-finished game. The gameplay is confusing. The help says one thing but the game seems to work differently. And to call just moving a ship up and down twenty times a "trading sim" is quite far fetched. Feels like a waste of money.

Familiarity: Had not played it. Don't care to play it again.