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Dear diary, the game I is called "BeatBlasters III".


BeatBlasters III

You are Joey/Gina. You're driving in a bus listening to music when... the music dies and some deamon abducts you to an unknown place. Time to face the music.

This game centers around your three abilities; shooting, shielding, and jumping, which all have a number of charges which deplete as you use the abilities. You can recharge them by tapping the ability key on a cue.

The game looks great but it seems the music gimmick was implemented in haste and the rest quickly built around it. Gameplay is kinda simple and distracting. Forcing you to recharge your abilities. This part is just boring and hardly challenging nor enticing on its own. There's a huge contrast between how the game looks and the actual game play.

Verdict: I usually don't like timing based games. On top of that the game seems pretty simple to me in terms of what you can do. Graphics are very pretty but actual game just feels too rushed.

Familiarity: Never met this deamon. Don't want to see him again.