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Dear diary, the game I is called "Foosball".



It's a soccer game. It has no real story line.

Been a while since I've played a soccer game. I hope this isn't par for the genre. The graphics look great but the handling leaves room for improvement. I should add that I've played this with a keyboard and perhaps should have played it with a gamepad instead.

Apart from regular soccer mechanics there is a "special" but it's not really like super mario special. Shooting a ball is kind of weird as you'll just as easily, if not more easily, shoot a ball beyond the side lines as you'll shoot it anywhere random in front of you.

The AI, on easy at least so that may account for something, seems bad as well. And I'm not talking about letting you win, but when the enemy super charges past you and then past the goal lines for no apparent reason I'm wondering what's up. Similarly, goalies have very varied behaviors. And since you can't control them directly, often goals happen with no chance of stopping them.

Verdict: I'm not a huge fan of soccer games because controls are often too tedious. This seems to be sub-par even to that. Maybe character control seems a bit random, AI too. The game looks nice but gameplay was mostly frustrating for me.

Familiarity: Not played before.

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