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Dear diary, the game I is called "Beyond Gravity".


Beyond Gravity

You're an astronaut and you're collecting screws and bolts while jumping from one planet to the next.

And well. That's it. This "casual" game is really just jumping from one planet to the next. Could very well be a port from a mobile game doing the exact same thing.

There doesn't appear to be _anything_ else to the game. Very disappointing because it looks kind of cute. Simplicity can be a powerful tool but this just misses that mark.

Verdict: This is a perfect example of where quality control on Steam indie games flat-out failed. It's just a very short simple one-shtick game. The challenges are quite simple or unavoidable in nature (as long as you keep playing). So are the unlocks. I'm pretty sure this is just a port from mobile and certainly not worth the money on Steam.

Familiarity: Never played it. Played all there is too it now.