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Dear diary, the game I is called "Glow Ball".


Glow Ball

You're back at the table. But it's not an ordinary table; it's a magic table! Well, looks magical anyways. Let's see that cue action and get the balls in the pockets!

This game is everything not that it should, or at least could, have been. At first the graphics look nice but even that gets pretty stale and boring after a while.

The gameplay is just bad. It's very difficult, unforgiving, and pretty unfair. Oh and don't forget about frustrating. The cue has a very low granularity, the power bar is super duper slow, the warping red things are just mean. The teaser video does not do it proper credit.

I'm going to implement a new rule; bad games only get 15 minutes.

Verdict: I love billiard physics games but this is one is just badly implemented. That's all.

Familiarity: No and no.