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Dear diary, the game I is called "RocketsRocketsRockets".



This is a fast paced arcade game intended to be played by multiple people. It clearly has no single player campaign kind of thing, though you can play against the computer just fine.

While I did enjoy playing this game, it seems fairly limited to the same kind of game. There are some other tournament modes but most of them are listed as "Soon!", which made me doubt that I had missed the Early Access label. But I had not.

The controls were a bit confusing to me during the recording. I couldn't get the gamepad to work unfortunately so I played keyboard. After the recording I got gamepad to work and suddenly it made much more sense; the directional keys were meant for a gamepad stick. It's great with a stick.

Regardless, it feels like this game never left Early Access. The base game works fine but there are many obvious features that could have been implemented, multi player but even in single player campaign stuff. The "Soon!" labels don't help either as this game has been released a couple of months ago...

Verdict: It's a fun little game, though super limited. The rocket arena thing is fun to do. Would have been nice if this was a finished game though. In its current state it's more like a base game. I hope the remaining content will be added to it some day.

Familiarity: Not played before

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