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Dear diary, the game I is called "Prison Architect".


Prison Architect

You are a prison architect. You build prisons and then maintain them. Make sure prisoners don't escape and are generally... happy.

This simulator game has been one of the most successfull "early access" games so far. I remember buying my name into the game in 2012 myself, I was super enthousiastic.

The game spots a massive amount of implicit gameplay. You build the prison, you setup rules, and watch your staff follow orders. When there's a fire you call the fire department, when there's a riot you call the riot police.

It's a good game that follows the spirit of a modern Dwarf Fortress and will have you spend hours and hours creating the perfect conditions ... until it all falls apart.

Verdict: It's a very good sim game where you build and run prisons. There are many rules to control and things to take care of. It's a fun game worth all its money.

Familiarity: I have bought into the early access program, early on, though hadn't played a build in two years

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