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Dear diary, the game I is called "Tallowmere".



Number 100! :D

You've got an axe and a healing potion and are to travel a dungeon floor by floor. There's this lady called Tallowmere and some kittens to sacrifice. At the end of the elevator some guy gives you a shield. Good luck.

The gameplay mechanics are relatively short and simple. Character control is good. Graphics are not my style but I still got sucked into the simple proper gameplay. There's a limited set of weapons and enemies, but they are varied enough to make the game interesting. Room difficulty consists merely of being larger, more populated, and more hp/atk. There are some special rooms with minibosses or small challenges.

While the game is simple, it doesn't really get repetitive. It's actually quite hard to get the level 60 achievement. The rooms get slowly more crowded and sooner or later you'll find yourself in a pitt full of ogres and feelers with no way out...

Verdict: While the game is not visually my style, the simple gameplay made up for it. I do hope that the game gets compensated for the addition of the feelers though. The game has enough content to keep you busy for a while and even if the game looks easy, that tide can turn quickly.

Familiarity: I've played this game many times before, 99%ed at the time of recording. The old test review I had up can still be found here.

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