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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Nightmare Cooperative".


The Nightmare Cooperative

You've been chosen by the counsil to seek treasures and escape a dungeon. Well you probably were chosen to enter the dungeon in the first place, but you must get out now. You may need to cooperate with other toons you find in the dungeon.

While the graphics art style look a bit simplistic at first, it's really just the art style and it works together quite well. I know the game profiles itself as a rogue-like, but it's lacking a bit of content in order for me to consider it such. It's actually more like a puzzle game.

You are inside a dungeon, each level randomly generated and fits on screen, and must get to the exit. You may tag other characters to form a team, a "cooperative" if you will, and exit together. However, the whole team moves as one for every step. So pressing left makes the whole team move left, if they can. This makes it difficult.

There are a few enemies, each with their own behavior. Easier enemies just run up and down, don't agro. Later enemies run in circles, agro when you get near, or simply hunt you down.

Enemies take two hits to kill, regardless (or at least as far as I've seen) and after you get the attack patterns down it gets easier to deal with them. There are a few items, but that seems to be exactly 6 at the time of review so that's a bit disappointing. It seems like there could be many more items added quite easily.

Verdict: Even though it's not actually a rogue-like, it's still a fairly good puzzle game. The perma-death makes you want to retry and it doesn't take too long. The lack of content and seemingly futile point of anything makes me wonder about the replayability once you reach the end, though. And I don't think that'd be very difficult if you ignore the shineys and have a bit of luck from the RPGesus.

Familiarity: The council never picked me before.