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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Last Warlock".


The Last Warlock

You're a warlock. And there are other warlocks. They must die. There are also runes. You'll be wanting to collect them.

This is a turn-based 3d squad game in a Minecraft-ish environment. It has RPG elements and your warlock can summon minions to fight for him.

I've never played Minecraft so I can't tell whether it's actually based on it, but the interface looks nothing like it, at least. Regardless;

The game actually looks quite nice. Plenty of inventory management to do and secrets to find. There's even an on-demand crafting system that looks quite sleek. "Take all" also picking up everything from nearby own characters must be a bug though?

My biggest beef would be that the game plays a tad too slow. Turn-based outside of combat is unnecessary and even the fighting feels kind of sluggish.

Verdict: It looks like minecraft but seems to be an actual game. Looks pretty nice and seems to have plenty of content. Sure I liked it. But gameplay is a little slow. The tiny elephant was great though.

Familiarity: Not played before

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