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Dear diary, the game I is called "Secret of the Magic Crystal".


Secret of the
Magic Crystal

You're a horse nay unicorn trainer and you need to train your unicorn so it can participate in matches and win. Raise the best unicorn there ever was!

This training simulator looks pretty and nice. It seems to have various content and a story line. Yet the composition seems a little off, mostly in graphics. Gameplay seems rather simple, though I'm not the best to judge that part since it's not my cup of tea in the first place.

It does however appear to be a complete game albeit maybe more aimed towards kids.

The video ended quite abrubtly due to ... I don't actually know what happened there. That's okay though since I was going to quit after that race anyways so I left it like that.

Verdict: These games are not my cup of tea. I can enjoy some training simulators but not this one. That's not to say it's bad, just that it's not up my alley. The game seems simple in some cases, slow in others, and it's unclear to me where I should start training my ho...unicorn. It feels like the game was meant for small kids in that regard, I'm sure they'll enjoy it.

Familiarity: Never raised a unicorn before. Unlikely to do so again.