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Dear diary, the game I is called "Mechanic Escape".


Mechanic Escape

You're a robot and you need to escape some kind of factory. Seems you want to take some friends along for the ride. If you manage to get them all...

This is an ordinary platform game. There's a little time element where in parts of the level you may be chased by something I called a wolf. Though in the second world it becomes a fish. Kind of the same deal though; you're rushed through an obstacle course. Outside these moments it's still an obstacle course, sans the rush.

The game looks pretty but gameplay feels a little boring. Although new gameplay elements are being introduced as you play along, I feel their introduction is quite slow and so it becomes a bit repetitive. Also you don't really know why you're collecting all that stuff because for all you know you're just getting a pat on the back.

Verdict: It feels like a solid polished game. One may argue that the gameplay is a bit stale, I am anyways, but you may not have that problem. The game has more gameplay aspects beyond what I'm showing you here, that much is obvious. Yet I'm not holding my breath because there's no indication that the stuff I did not unlock is going to be sufficiently game changing to make the game interesting.

Familiarity: I had never tried to escape the factory. And probably won't ever escape it either.