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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Stanley Parable".


The Stanley
Parable [linux]

You are Stanley. You are not. You are in an office. You are not. You are playing a game. You are not.

This is an exploration game where you basically have to find your own way. It's hard to explain anything more without spoiling it so I won't try.

You just have to play this game. This short review was made in linux, shortly after I had finished the whole game. Those recordings will follow soon but unfortunately they were made right before the linux version was released. Their recordings are not of my normal quality, unfortunately.

Verdict: The game is well done. The hype not overrated. The puns are well done. In some cases I would have expected them to go a bit further though. There seem to be many story lines that could have been excavated as well. The game holds many surprises though and you'll have a lot of fun playing it.

Familiarity: I've 100%ed the game by before making this review

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