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Dear diary, today I'm giving away a free steam key...

The Bob Key

For every first video of a game the first viewer to discover the earliest appearance of Bob gets a free Steam key!

How does it work? Well that's pretty simple! Bob is our budgie (parakeet) and often has an unplanned cameo in my videos. The description of every video that's eligible to a free Steam key (or bobkey) will be mentioning to which game a key is made available.

All you have to do is find the first time Bob speaks up and post a comment to that video with the proper timestamp. I will tally responses after a week and the first one with the earliest (valid) timestamp will receive the free Steam key!

Only the first video of a game is eligible to this contest and the description of the game (on youtube and on this site) will tell you in that case for which game you can win a key.


I wish Steam would allow me to just register dupe keys and put the dupes in my account to trade away through Steam market. This would save everybody so much agony...