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Dear diary, the game I is called "Merchants of Kaidan".


Merchants of Kaidan

You are Ollivean De Calinn. Or at least I was. You've set out to avenge your fathers death but you have little resources to do so. You had better change that.

Another trading sim? Yeah, but much better. I mean much much better. This is actually a polished game. Lot's of content. Obviously trading, but also quests, random stuff happening while traveling, people to talk to, story lines. Yeah for everything that Astro Emporia wasn't; this game is!

You start out with some money and have to raise your empire, well the usual of course. Trading is similar but initially you're a little lost on what to buy. Well let me tell you; whatever you buy don't buy the herbs. Whatever role they play later, you won't quickly sell them for any kind of profit. Au contraire.

Because I bought the herbs I quickly found myself hemorrhaging money and could not even complete the first and only sketchy quest. So you know, little spoilers in this one. Ironically I didn't die. Worse. I got stuck in eternal limbo. I ran out of money with no apparent way to make more money even though that was the game's only clue; make more money. Limbo sucks.

Verdict: Despite the ending there I really enjoyed the game. It's a solid fairly polished game with lots of content. Seems to me like a great trading sim game with more content for more plays afterward, with the generic game scenarios. Would recommend.

Familiarity: Had not played it. Stuck in eternal limbo now.