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Dear diary, the game I is called "Shiny the Firefly".


Shiny the Firefly

You're Shiny, a Firefly. You've lost your babies and need to escort them to the end of the level. Avoid bad stuff like mosquito's and water.

It's actually a very basic game. The graphics look nice and everything works together. Yet the actual game seems a little "simple". You click to move your character somewhere and you time it properly to avoid some hazard. There is a shooting mechanic involved but that seems to be about it. At least within the half'n'hour of play of course.

I struggle most with the controls though. Rather than click-and-hold for movement, you have to explicitly keep clicking to keep moving. To make matters worse, clicking close to you while holding a berry makes you shoot the berry, rather than move. All in all this gets a bit frustrating after a while.

Verdict: Look, I like puzzle games but this is hardly a challenge. Well yeah, a challenge to my patience at best. It looks fine but it plays meh. I feel the game targets a younger audience, both in gameplay and graphic style so perhaps it wasn't meant for me in the first place.

Familiarity: Had not played this game before. Won't be saving any other babies after this video either.