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Dear diary, the game I is called "No Time To Explain".


No Time To Explain

You're sitting at home watching tv as you suddenly barge through your door telling you that you are you from the future. And as you are starting to explain what's up a monster crashes through the wall and grabs you, dropping your gun at your feet. I guess it was up to you to save yourself now. It's a bit confusing.

You start out with a laser beam. The beam kills, though you don't really shoot enemies until much later. The weapon is used to jump and destroy certain parts of the terrain. Later you'll get different types of gun which allow you different ways of jumping. For example in the video you get some kind of shotgun weapon that propels you.

There are secret hats to be found. Some of these are in obvious places, some are in less obvious places. It can be a bit of a puzzle to get to some of them but mostly they just require some skill and patience.

The game is skill based more than anything. Most parts of the game have infinite attempts, only bossy parts have a four live cap, but they can be replayed from the start of the fight infinitely. So I guess that's okay.

The story line is good and solid part of the gameplay. Oh and kind of fun, in its own way.

Verdict: It's a platformer. The laser jumps are kind of annoying for me, but other weapon-jumps are quite nice. The "flash" nature of the game still shines through though. Overall it's nice and enjoyable and there's plenty of content to keep you busy for a while.

Familiarity: I hadn't played this game before this recording. Though future me begs to differ. And to save him. No way I'm doing that.