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Dear diary, the game I is called "Redshift Blueshift".


Redshift Blueshift

Back story? This is Pong. Prettier and with some power ups. To be more precise, 3. There's a shield, rocket, and drone. The rockets and drones can disable the opponent briefly.

The game doesn't look half bad, but it's just... Pong. That was a great game back in the 80's, when the gaming landscape was really flat to non-existing. Now, however, it shouldn't have been more than a minigame.

It just feels like the dev could have put a little more effort in exploring more powerups, more ship types, more obstacles, better controls. You know. A proper 2015 game.

I understand this was a Ludum Dare entry and that's great. But there's a stretch between LD and Steam and somebody has tried to skip that bit, but shouldn't have. Plenty of LD games on Steam that proved it can be done, but not this one.

As it stands, it's just Pong. And I'd rather just play real Pong than pay $9 for this.

Verdict: It's just Pong. Not worthy of a 2015 game. Absolutely not worth the $9 price tag. More like a mini game than anything else. Feels like the dev has been lazy at it.

Familiarity: I've played Pong before

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