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Dear diary, the game I is called "Legends of Aethereus".


Legends of Aethereus

You are a new recruit ready to learn the ropes of a guard. Or something. But before such times you must first finish some quests. Many quests.

This is a good looking third person adventure game in a Victorian setting. You're to follow quests, though I've only seen the tutorial ones. Honestly 30 minutes of gameplay don't do this game justice.

The quest I did do was fairly easy, of course. But running up and down feels a bit tedious. The fighting gameplay was okay though. Bows that don't consume arrows, I like that.

It's clearly a good looking game with lots and lots of gameplay. Unfortunately the game crashed about three times (probably the same problem). And who knows what triggered it (I played on Linux, anything can happen).

Verdict: It's a good looking game and seems to have a lot of content. What's not to like about that. Do quests and progress through the story.

Familiarity: Had never set foot in the kingdom. It's likely I'll never leave there.