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Dear diary, the game I is called "Luckslinger".



You're Luckslinger. You have a sidekick named Duckbridgea. He's a duck. You're doing a tutorial together, minding your own business, when you see a dying sherif. He gives you a luck bracelet and tells you to go to Clover town. And so you do.

The theme is wild wild west. This pixel art game. The gameplay is, well, shooting with a six-shooter or throwing a knife. The knife is fetched by Duckbridge. Sometimes anyways.

The game revolves around luck though. You get luck points for shooting most enemies and you lose it when you get hit. Luck affects whether enemy bullets can hit you. Luck affects whether you can reach secret platforms. Luck affects a lot.

The art is nice and I have a feeling there's plenty of content. The game does tend to be a bit artificially difficult and if you don't fill up your lucky bracelet fast enough you'll just be ... shit out of luck. Especially in the later levels.

Verdict: I had fun playing this game but in the later levels the artificial difficulty got a bit too much for me. The game becomes too much luck based and that stops being fun pretty quickly.

Familiarity: Review