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Dear diary, the game I is called "Toki Tori".


Toki Tori

You're a ... chicken? With some items at your disposal you must get your egg friends while avoiding some enemies.

While it looks like a platformer it's really a puzzle game. Not turn based, so in some levels there's a timing angle to it (like the last one in my video). But at least the first few levels don't require any timing.

You'll need to do some thinking though. Items usually have a limited number of usages and using them out of order will get you trapped quickly. The puzzles seem pretty solid from what I've seen. Overall the graphics, audio, and interaction work well.

Verdict: It's a solid polished puzzle game. I love it. The levels seem well thought out and the interaction feels nice and straightforward. Pathfinding is good and while I can see timing based puzzles be slightly more annoying, not all puzzles will require them.

Familiarity: Hadn't played it before. May finish a few more puzzles. Just oooone more?