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Dear diary, the game I is called "Swords & Crossbones".


Swords & Crossbones

You are .. Harrow, an aspiring ship's mate. The ship you're on is being plundered by pirates and you're coming with them!

This is a nice looking turn-based strategy game with an overworld city sim meta game and, perhaps, pirates.

The graphics are interesting, a mix of pixel art and (light) voxel style. Fighting is a little confusing at first but seems fairly straightforward later on.

Playthrough may be a little too short to be able to tell about the deeper meta, like fighting looks like a fairly simple system and we don't really know what's up with the overworld yet.

Main complaint so far is that when fighting, the game could at least select the enemy if there's only one to target. But oh well, if that's the biggest complaint.

Verdict: I like the game. Tutorial takes long but art is pretty. There's also more meta stuff going on. The game does feel a little unfinished though but perhaps that's no longer an issue by the time you're reading this. (It's not marked Early Access)

Familiarity: Not played before

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