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Dear diary, the game I is called "Monaco".



You're a crew of thieves getting ready for your biggest heist yet. In a bit of a schizophrenic mind set you're any of a bunch of characters with their own specialties. What's mine is yours.

This game has static levels and your objective is to steal a certain object. On the way there are guards and coins and you must collect all of one while avoiding all of the other.

On top of that there are a bunch of characters as whom you can play the game. Each character has a special trait which drastically changes the way you play that game. There's an extensive multi-player support too, although obviously I don't cover that in this review. Also, the story line is funny and I can appreciate that.

Verdict: This pseudo-non-linear game has great graphics, good gameplay, a funny story line, and lots of content. There are plenty of levels to tackle in various ways and new characters to unlock on the way. The relative freedom the game gives you, like how you can create arbitrary paths with the mole, is a type of game design I can really appreciate.

Familiarity: Had played this once or twice before but turned away. After revisiting it in this review I'll probably play some more.