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Dear diary, the game I is called "Age of Fear: The Undead King".


Age of Fear:
The Undead King

You're sir Edward. A knight. Of course. It's up to you to save the kingdom.

Okay I didn't really read the storyline. Would take too long. This is a typical case of a game that seems to have a lot of content but who's gameplay needs a lot of work. I don't know or recognize anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was created in some kind of game generator tool. It's definitely not up to par for a game released only two months ago. And that's too bad.

The game is fairly straightforward insofar that you have a squad of characters, initially knights, swordsmen, and archers. It's a turn based game and you can use them to attack the opponent. They collect XP and can be leveled, though that system is a bit vague because you don't really know what everything does.

There's a story alright, but since it's just presented in a big blob of text, sometimes two blobs, I really just did not bother to read it all. Together with the way the graphics come together it makes it hard for me to focus on the game rather than the interface.

After the recording I let the character die for one of the achievements and it turns out there's a whole bunch of content after you die, which surprised me. You'll respawn as a black knight and more. Sometimes 30 minutes of "straight" gameplay just doesn't show you everything.

Verdict: This one is hard to judge. On the one hand the interface is mostly sub-par, very limited, not of this time. But then there's obviously some content. A whole story has been thought out and the game is playable once you look beyond the initial impression. I just need a little more sugar to be comfortable myself.

Familiarity: Did not play. Will not be finishing Edwards queste.