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Dear diary, the game I is called "Battle for Blood".


Battle for Blood

I'm sorry about this freemium game. I have no idea how it ended up on my list. I randomed it and while playing it discovered the blatant mobile factor of it. Then discovered the pay2win model. And suffice to say the video cuts short at 15 min. Only after recording I discovered it's actually a freemium game.

The game is actually not so bad conceptually; it's a 3-match meta game with pretty graphics. But the port is done poorly. And the freemium-ness of it is splattered all over the place. That is all.

Verdict: It's a freemium pay2win game and therefor imbalanced. On top of that it's a poorly executed mobile port. That's very unfortunate because looks like it could have been a good game in the genre of 1.000.000 and Tombs of Tyrants.

Familiarity: New to the game

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