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Dear diary, the game I is called "Lost Marbles".


Lost Marbles

You're a ball who wants to go home. Some evil entity created an obstacle course for you and your brethren and you must help each other to get home.

This game is all about friction, inertia, and gravity. You roll a ball around in an obstacle course and try to get to the end goal. The game offers three different balls and in later levels you use more than one at the same time. Each marble has its own properties; weak paper, bouncy rubber, or boosting metal. Together you must exploit their strong parts to get all the marbles home.

While the game looks fairly solid it sports little originality for the genre. In my playthrough I got stuck on level 2.2 and even after checking other videos on how to pass that part, I still couldn't manage it. So I'll chalk that up to a breaking bug that nobody bothered to report or fix. Quite unfortunate. There's also a camera-mouse bug that's super annoying. But these things may get fixed, hopefully.

Verdict: I used to love these marble physics games. Though lately they've gone a bit stale. This one is no different. While the game seems fairly solid, in a super mario 64 kind of way, there are a few bugs that probably won't ever get fixed. And that's unfortunate.

Familiarity: I hadn't played this game before this recording. Half the recording was spent gapping a bridge that can't be gapped, doh.