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Dear diary, the game I is called "Overture".



There isn't a real story line. You pick a character from one of the four arche type classes and start shooting. The levels seem to be pretty barren, without serious obstacles and little variety. The enemies randomly dropped. So just a shooter.

The gameplay is very fast and quite unforgiving. I literally died within seconds of spawning my first game. There's a game mechanic gimmick where you run relatively fast if you move towards your mouse while not shooting. The game is very careful into telling you this, over and over again.

This is a weird one. On the one hand I really enjoyed the game. The chaos and destruction of everything, random loot, trying to survive. On the other hand the speed of the game gives you little time to react to getting damage, picking up items, or getting your bearings. You basically blink and you're dead.

And then there's the size of the (windowed) game. It's super super tiny. So you have a very small field of view, giving you even less time to respond to threatening situations.

The graphics are good for graphics though. And there seems to be plenty of content, with about 4x6=24 characters to unlock, each with their own play style. The loot also has more granularity, though I have not taken the time to investigate that up closer in this video.

Verdict: It's a tough one. With some training I'm sure you can good at this. But the game is a bit too fast paced, and unfair in some ways. The viewport is too small and you don't really get time to catch up. Still, I think I could grow to love playing it, especially once you figure the more subtle game mechanics.

Familiarity: Not played before

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