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Dear diary, the game I is called "Chainsaw Warrior".


Chainsaw Warrior

You are the chainsaw warrior. The alien enemy is upon you and wants to engulve the world in Darkness. You have an hour to prevent this. And go!

While this looks like a zombie fps at first, it's really sort of a card game. I say sort of because while it's presented as cards, you could argue it's more of a choose your own destiny kind of story line clicker in disguise. Card games generally give you options, this is more a series of events and you fighting your way through, one way or the other.

There are some rpg stats involved. There's the rolling of dice involved. And therefor the game heavily leans on luck to progress. Also, bring a rope launcher.

Despite enjoying the game at some point it does feel a bit repetitive, especially since all monsters are pretty much the same. Some just deal a little more damage then others. Also it's a bit confusing with shooting being a bonus option with no draw backs. Or at least it seems that way.

Verdict: Even though the game is somewhat difficult to categorize, the gameplay did pull me in and I really enjoyed playing it. Until I got a bit of an unfairly balanced restart that is, that was just weird.

Familiarity: Not played before

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