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Dear diary, the game I is called "Back to Bed".


Back to Bed

Bob is a narcoleptic that sleepwalks. You're his dog...ish pet. Your goal is to prevent Bob from trouble and guide him back to bed while he sleepwalks.

The game is fairly simple, or at least as far as I've played it, and a mix of path planning and timing. You place objects, usually a large apple, to bounce Bob around and guide him back to bed.

The visual style is very arts and gives a coherent feeling to the game. Even though the art seems to have no direct bearing on the gameplay, it does work in a dream world kind of way.

The puzzles were fairly easy to solve for as far as I've played it but maybe they get tougher as you proceed.

Verdict: Guiding a sleepwalker is a sensitive thing. Planning ahead and timely execution of your plan is crucial. The game implements this quite well and looks nice to boot.

Familiarity: Not played before

If you can find the first appearance of Bob you'll win a free Steam key for
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