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Dear diary, the game I is called "Khet 2.0".


Khet 2.0

There isn't any story line here. It's an actual board game. Or well, the digital version of that game.

I had not heard of this game before. BoardGameGeeks scores it with 7, which is fine I guess. The gameplay felt balanced during my review so that's good.

The digital version seems solid as well. I have little to comment on it since I think it reflects the board game pretty well, even without ever having played the board game.

Actually come to think about it, drawing the lasers "imaginatively" in the physical board game feels like a pain. Unless that sphinx piece has a laser built in and the other pieces are actual mirrors. Yeah that's probably it. Otherwise it'd be pretty error prone :p

Verdict: I love board games. Never played this one but the digital version seems very solid, as does the game itself. If I ever see the physical game in a store I'll probably pick it up. The digital version seems solidly implemented so good job. I love it when board games get digital versions because it's soo much faster to play them casually without a human opponent that thinks, a game you must finish in one sitting, and no setup. Just start the game and go, suspend if you're done with it.

Familiarity: New game for me, may play it again later.