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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Binding Of Isaac".


The Binding Of
Isaac (Original)

You're Isaac, a young boy that's very sad and are having a rough life. For some reason you cry so hard your tears are bullets. Time to face mom...

This top-down shooter is pretty much my favorite of all time. You traverse through a fixed number of dungeons to face off with your mother, and later yourself.

The game is very dark, a bit morbid, and religiously flavoured. This cannot be denied. However, the gameplay is so appealing that with 200 hours of this game and 215 hours of its successor, I'm still watching gameplay videos of it.

The rogue-like element is strong in this one, with many items to find that influence your run. There are many gimmicks to the gameplay and many secrets to unlock.

This first version is actually a flash game, which is a drawback. It tends to be laggy and can even lock up at times. The dev really pushed the framework to its limits here.

Verdict: Look, I've played over 400 hours in this franchise, I think it's one of the best games ever. If by some miracle you've never heard of it, go pick it up. Now.

Familiarity: Played about 200h of this version of the game, a long time ago

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