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Dear diary, the game I is called "Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers".


Tiny and Big:
Grandpa's Leftovers

You're Tiny. You've got a radio. But you've lost your pants. Big took them. You want them back. Given also a laser, a rocket, and a pull cord you're going to hunt him down. Cut anything that's in your path. Literally.

In this platformer you want to chase somebody named Big because he stole your underpants... He's not actually that big but it's his name regardless. You have three tools at your disposal; a laser that cuts through stone. A rocket which may propell any loose objects once attached. A coord with some kind of magnet with which you can pull any loose objects. Besides that you have an annoying radio to guide you.

Using these objects you basically cut your way through, slicing away the world with your laser and pulling or poking holes where you need to get through.

As one might expect this game has a lot of content, lot of secret stuff, and a half-decent-although-i-still-dont-quite-get-it storyline. Cutting the world up while scaling a tall building is a lot of fun though, regardless of anything else.

The recording of this video continues in this video.

Verdict: The main gimmick of the game is the ability to cut away nearly anything in the game world to create new paths and proceed. That's actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself playing it. The story line seems a little bit of a crutch, but that didn't stop me from recording another hour of gameplay after this video...

Familiarity: I hadn't played this game before this recording. I should probably stop playing now before I cut myself.