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Dear diary, the game I is called "Adventure in the Tower of Flight".


Adventure in the
Tower of Flight

This is a pretty though very linear and straightforward platformer. It has a very Zelda-esque feeling without looking anything like it. I think that's a pretty impressive feat.

My main beef is that it's a little on the boring side. And that's mainly because picking up coins and feathers is near pointless. The only cause they seem to have is buying stuff at the shop. But at the shop you can only buy health and temporary invincibility that's immediately active upon buying and only for 15 seconds. Very much useless in most cases.

So while the coins, gems, and feathers are featured quite heavily, they are nothing more than a carrot as they don't mean anything serious.

That doesn't mean the game ends the same as it starts, even being linear. You'll get new stuff on the way. I got dashing capabilities and the intro video sports an arrow.

Verdict: It's a pretty platformer but it feels like the pickups should be worth more than just some health. There is some playgame progression though so it's not _just_ the same platformer you start with throughout the game.

Familiarity: Not played before

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