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Dear diary, the game I is called "Cute Things Dying Violently".


Cute Things
Dying Violently

This is a relatively simple puzzle game. You have cute things that walk around like lemmings. You fling them to some goal or sub-goal and proceed.

Most levels don't really require a thinking cap or even timing. It's very casual. But enjoyable, to some extend.

I've played through all levels in the video so it's not exactly a long game. But there's plenty of content, with the same level of difficulty.

The graphics are a bit of the flash era, not surprising since it's a mobile game as well, though frankly I hadn't put my money on it.

Verdict: While it's a pretty casual flash-era game, it's still entertaining. Not hard to plow through, but not that long either.

Familiarity: Not played before

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