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Dear diary, the game I is called "Hands on Deck".


Hands on Deck

You're a pirate ship. Get to the end of the map. Go.

There's little good to say about this game right now. It's an early access game that's not in early access but should have been. The developer even says so. (Unfortunately I read this after recording the video)

The graphics are medium but kind of work together, but the handling is just aweful. It took me 15 minutes to figure out I could also fire side ways, which at least makes the "game" beatable, but that won't save it from being bad at being a game in general.

I'm all for trying to create games and such, but pushing this kind of game to Steam and asking 9 bucks for it is just an overall bad decision. I don't care if you're only in this for 6 months, common sense should have stopped you from doing so.

I hope this game does improve but I would suggest the dev to remove this game from steam, or permanently make it a dollar sale, and rerelease his game when it's properly playable. Till then, stay clear.

Verdict: This is a bad unfinished game. The graphics are medium but the gameplay is just bad. I can recognize how the dev wanted to build the mechanics and then started thinking of a game to build around it, but kind of cheesed that part of the game and so this is the result. It's unfortunate because it looks like it could have been so much more.

Familiarity: No and no.