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Dear diary, the game I is called "Major Mayhem".


Major Mayhem

You're Major Mayhem and you're an army dude who needs to rescue his girlfriend from the enemies. All of them. Plus ninjas.

This is actually a really fun shooter. The gameplay is actually quite simple, yet the graphics and the whole feel of it pulls you in and makes you keep playing.

I would say it's a good example how simple gameplay does not necessarily get stale or boring quickly.

The cartoony graphics look great and work well together and there's some content to unlock, though I'll be the first to admit that this seems to be rather on the thin side.

The jumping seems a hackish game mechanic though. Maybe unneccessary or something that could be improved on.

Verdict: It may be a simple game but the execution is well done and makes you keep on playing. And the hats man. The hats!

Familiarity: They don't call me Major Mayhem for no reason. They just don't at all.

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