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Dear diary, the game I is called "About Love, Hate and the other ones".


About Love, Hate And
The Other Ones

This is a puzzle game with the cooperation element. You control two ... characters; Love and Hate. Basically one pulls stuff to itself and one pushes stuff away from it. You can figure out which is which.

There are some fun pseudo story line puns in there. Yet, I can't help but feel the game misses something.

The puzzles are relatively simple, until that one where it's suddenly near impossible to solve. Or maybe I'm just missing that one brain path that made it simple.

Overall it seems to be a solid puzzle game with plenty of levels and content.

Verdict: This is a proper puzzle game, yet I can't help but feel something is missing from it. If I find myself looking at the time after 10 minutes it's usually a bad sign. Can't really explain why though, maybe the two character puzzle game genre just isn't my thing.

Familiarity: Not played before

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