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Dear diary, the game I is called "Particulars".



Your name is Quark and you are down. You're inside a subatomic world and there are many atoms and parts of atoms floating around. There's all kinds of weird puzzles and most of them are about making parts explode into each other while avoiding the bad parts yourself.

To be fair, "avoider game" may be a bit misleading, though in the end that's what the gameplay feels like to me. The game revolves around atoms and their individual pull towards each other. Positive and negatively charged particles, You move around like a magnet, drawing certain parts towards other parts in various ways. Later more obstacles pop up, like barriers that only allow certain bits to pass.

The game has a story line though frankly it's just a crutch and doesn't seem to have real bearing on the game itself. At least none that shows within half'n'hour of playing. It's mainly a puzzle game, and you don't really need to think hard about solving the problems presented to you. Again, maybe that gets progressively harder but not within the first half hour of playing.

Verdict: I don't like avoider games so it's unlikely I'll be playing this again. The game feels solid though except progression is rather slow. The storyline doesn't help (at all) in that regard, but the learning curve is really low but seems to be dragged out by each level. Makes it a good casual game.

Familiarity: I hadn't played this game before this recording.