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Dear diary, the game I is called "The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth".


The Binding Of
Isaac: Rebirth

You're Isaac, a young boy that's very sad and are having a rough life. For some reason you cry so hard your tears are bullets. Time to face mom...

This is the rewrite for the original that sports pretty much all the original content and mechanics, and adds in a bunch of new stuff as well as scrubbed graphics and stable engine.

It was not released as a "v2" though it could have been considering all the new content it sports. It makes sense to not slap the 2 on it though.

The game is a rogue-like top-down shooter where the stuff you pick up throughout the game determine the kind of game you'll be playing. This is very much the power of the game; replayability.

The Rebirth version sports the same content as its original, and much more, much stabler, and much prettier so if you haven't played the original, you may as well go straight to Rebirth. Then perhaps if want to become an acolyte you can play the original later as well.

Verdict: Look, I've played over 400 hours in this franchise, I think it's one of the best games ever. If by some miracle you've never heard of it, go pick it up. Now.

Familiarity: Played about 200h of this version of the game, last year, so it's been a while

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