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Dear diary, the game I is called "Dead Sky".


Dead Sky

You're Shane. You're driving on the street listening to the radio with a friend when you hear a zombie apocalypse warning. Now you need to get to safety.

This two faced zombie shooter has pretty simple gameplay but at the same time offers variating types of play. In the half hour of play I shoot zombies, drive a car, shoot more zombies but with upgradables, shoot zombies from a chopper, and explore a sewer while shooting zombies.

Here's the problem though; it's all very basic. The "shooting zombies"-part is really a trivial implementation. Driving the car and shooting from chopper even simpler. That makes it feel like the game-part of this game is unfinished or rushed and that's very unfortunate.

Note that in the video, the intro part is pretty silent. That's because there's a radio piece and voice acted discussion and I did not want to talk through it, but then Youtube flagged it as copyright (meh?) and I edited the audio out between "0'25 and "1'00, but since I'm also not talking it's mostly silent. Oh well, enjoy the scenery.

Verdict: I'm not a fan of zombie shooters in general, in part because they tend to be badly implemented. I'll go ahead and say this is one such example. If you dig the genre then I don't know. The game does offer nice graphics and tries different game modes but they are implemented way too blandly in my opinion.

Familiarity: Never been Shane. And I'm sure he'll never escape.