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Dear diary, the game I is called "Farm Your Life".


Farm Your Life

You're a farmer. After somebody taught you how to farm your farm is destroyed in a storm and you have to rebuild it while helping around the people around you.

Now when I say farm simulator I don't mean like Farmville. This game is a combination of a farm simulator, restaurant simulator, and some adventure mode where you do quests and what not.

The graphics look nice, in their own style, and the actors work well with the background.

The game sports an AI helper which is really helpful since he's simply much faster and more efficient at doing the "tedious" tasks than you. Unfortunately he's either doing restaurant or farm but not both at the same time. I think you can hire more people but I didn't reach that point yet.

I think there's much more content to the game than what I've unlocked in that hour of gameplay so there's probably plenty of content to be had still.

Verdict: It's not _just_ a farm or restaurant sim, it's both and much more. There seems to be plenty of content, good handling and some small entry fighting involved. Having to manually feed your helper every day is a bit annoying though but at least he really helps out.

Familiarity: Not played before

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