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Dear diary, the game I is called "Social Justice Warriors".


Social Justice Warriors

You're an online white knight, dungeoneering the internet, hunting for trolls. Your queste is to bring down trolls and use their own logic against them.

Basically the opponent says something and you have to choose your rebuttal. You usually only have four options and have to juggle between cost and reward.

The game itself is unfortunately pretty basic. The texts are striking but doesn't really appear to have any consequences in the game. Your options are almost always fixed and balance between dealing "damage" and taking it. And a random factor.

The graphics the game sports are nice but there's only a few of them and they matter naught. The gameplay becomes pretty stale pretty quickly and that's just unfortunate because it feels like there's no need for that.

Verdict: The game is nice at first, recognizable for any geek, but the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive and your choices seem meaningless.

Familiarity: Not played before.

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