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Dear diary, the game I is called "Tomb of Tyrants".


Tomb of Tyrants

You are a tyrant, old and withered, and you're pretty much waiting in your tomb to die. Actually, you may have already, I'm not sure. Regardless, there are heroes on the rise out to kill you. Your job is to add floors to your crypt and fend off the heroes as long as possible. Your main tool is a fairly easy form of match-4, where you must put the same tiles adjacent. Once you have four or more they collapse and give you resources or even the occasional item.

This is mainly a match-3 game with meta aspects. You're building a tomb with various rooms and your rooms should hold back the adventurers as long as possible.

The matches give you resources which allow you to build more rooms or buy back minions of yourself that were killed in battle.

There's a huge micro management economy at play here, though at the same time you could just as well ignore all that and casually play the game all the same.

Verdict: I liked everything about this game. The pixel graphics, the meta gameplay, the whole simulation you're basically playing. Though at first you're just playing a match-3 game, you soon discover you can influence the game more effectively quite easily. It's a good casual game that looks pretty and has plenty of content.

Familiarity: I've 100%ed this game before recording this review :) The old test review I had up can still be found here.

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